Are These Injured Rhino Being Exploited?

Fairy Glen Rhino dehorned by poachers are being exploited by Pieter de Jager claims National Geographic freelance photographer Cheryl-Samantha Owen.

A little over a week ago two rhino survived the brutal removal of their horns by poachers. Game reserve owner Pieter de Jager was devastated by the attack and the awful state his two rhino, both fighting to survive.

After the attack the bull was stuck in a ditch with the bewildered cow circling around her mate as he struggled to release himself.

Vets came and administered to them, but weren’t to hopeful as to their chances. Then, the male surprised everyone and was able to free himself.

The latest report

“The female is looking better. I’m very positive about her. The male is still in danger. He’s blind, and I’m hoping it’s an infection, but the vet said it would be permanent. He walked alright for two days and then walked in circles.

“But yesterday (Sunday) he stood up and walked straight to the water hole and lay in the water for half the day to cool off.

“Then he stood up and I gave him his lucerne. He ate that and went back to the water,” De Jager said.

He had been told that this was the longest rhino have survived after suffering this sort of injury and after being drugged.

“The vets say that others have died after two days.

Now a local freelance photographer for National Geographic Cheryl-Samantha Owen who visited the two injured rhino on at Fairy Glen Game Reserve says they should have been put down, claiming they are suffering not only physically but emotionally.

She described the rhino as “two highly stressed animals and what felt like a circus going on around them”.

“We were allowed to go very close and he (De Jager) went right up to the animal which should have been left in peace.”

Apparently, besides the photographer, De Jager is allowing tourists to view and photograph the two rhino, getting really close, close enough to spook the female and send her scurrying into the bush.

Of course the rhino would be scared, of course they’ve been traumatized. So should they be on public display?

Maybe yes and maybe no? Is it stressful for the animals? An emphatic yes! Is it good for the public to see their horrendous wounds and the aftermath of a poaching? Probably, if it creates the much needed empathy and action to help stop the out-of- control poaching of the rhino.

Your thoughts?

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2 Responses to Are These Injured Rhino Being Exploited?

  1. Allison Thomson February 12, 2012 at 12:23 am #

    Margrit could you ask Cheryl-Samantha Owen to to do a follow up on this story?

    • Wildlife Margrit February 13, 2012 at 11:46 am #

      Sounds like a good suggestion Allison. I put in the request to Cheryl-Samantha to do so.

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