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Why are we so drawn to Africa’s wildlife?

Could it be that they are the icons we grow up with? Remember movies like Born Free, the Jungle Book, Lion King, Bambi and more recently Madagascar. Sadly today’s real life wild lions, rhino, elephant, giraffe and zebra are in serious trouble of going the way of the Dodo bird… extinct!

By sharing information and facts about these icons we hope to make them more real and interesting… and worth your time to get involved to help save.

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White Rhino: A Dark Future?

Black Rhino: Is There Hope, Again?

African Elephant: Paying the Price for Ivory?

African Leopard: Holding on by a Claw?

African Buffalo: Strong but not Invincible?

Giraffe: Galloping Toward Disappearing?

Lanner Falcon: Deemed Pest, Food?

Bearded Vulture: Soaring Towards Extinction?

Vervet Monkey: On the Front-line of Conflict?

Baboon: Fighting a Losing Battle?

African Lion: Hunter or Hunted?

Cape Vulture: Discovering the ‘Ugly’ Truth?

Greater Kudu: Haunted by Enemies?

Cheetah: Unable to Outrun Danger?

Zebra: Striped Horse in Trouble?

Warthog: Flexible but Threatened?

Pangolin: Picky Eaters for Not-So-Picky Eaters?

Hartebeest: Trophy Hunting Leads to Rise and Fall?

Wildebeest: Migrating to Extinction?

Gemsbok: How does it live without water?

Secretary Bird: Will deforestation bring their demise?

Oxpecker: Poisoned to the Limit?

Springbok: Breeding out the wild for fur and meat?

Wild/Painted Dogs: Painted out of existence?

Kori Bustard: Million Dollar Feather Death Sentence?

Bat Eared Fox: Hounded by Humans, Again?

Ostrich: Camel Bird in more ways than one?

Serval: Will the Great Hunter Survive being Hunted?

Flamingo: Are They Victims of Industry?

Blesbok: Sacrificed for Trophy Hunting?

Lechwe: Living on the Edge?

Hippo: Threatened by Hunters and a Shrinking Habitat?

Honey Badger: Is the appetite for Bees its downfall?

Porcupine: It’s really in a ‘pickle’, or would that be a ‘prickle’?


CRITICALLY ENDANGERED: At A HIGH Risk of extinction in the wild

ENDANGERED: Seriously at Risk of becoming Critically Endangered

VULNERABLE: At Risk of becoming endangered

African Endangered Species List
Researched by Nikela Volunteer Susana Galvan

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