It all started with a bird and a $100 bill

You ever felt like you simply needed to help?

It was back in 2009 while visiting my mother in South Africa that it happened to me. I’m Margrit Harris the founder of Nikela. Well, not being independently wealthy I had to get creative. After a couple of months of scheming Russ (my husband) and I realized we had to get other people like you involved if we wanted to make a difference.

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>> How Nikela helps you make a difference 

This interview by our seven year old granddaughter may answer a lot of your questions.

>> About Margrit and Russ the Founders

A bit of a, well, different sort of introduction to Margrit and Russ.

>> Where We Came From, Where We’re Going

This clip from August 2015 gives you a good overview of what Nikela is about.

>> Why You’re Important

Think about termites for a minute… together they build huge mounds.

>> Donors and Volunteers Speak Out –  “Why I Contribute

Folks get involved to help amazing people like Baye.

>> Volunteers, Interns and Angels

Some of the dedicated people we met in 2014.

>> How you can join the Club

Kids know! Can you resist this ask to donate?

 Helping is easy.

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