A Day Of Celebration And Prayer To Save Wildlife

Coming together of several different wildlife advocates for a time of prayer and learning at Family Home Ministries all to save wildlife.

A Day of Collaboration and Prayer to Save Wildlife 950x

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You know those times when the stars align and magic happens? Well, that’s what it was for us this weekend.

Centered on wildlife and God’s creations, a program was crafted to stir the heart to action. It was perfect, right down to tiny kids in tiny costumes reciting their cute tiny poems.

There was also a beautiful play arranged to an intricate poem written by three young people (Bayden Collopen, Michal Sheik, and Courtney Habana.) It depicted wildlife from sunrise to sun set… It was lovely and tragic.  Totally created by the youth including costumes and back drops, can you imagine the impact on these young people?

Kids Zebra performance Family Home Ministries 950x

Pastor Desmond Sheik and the other invited guests filled in the realities of God’s handy work along with man’s abuses and what we can do.  All in a way that everyone knew they needed to be more careful and more connected to nature.

In the end, everyone put a painted hand print on a huge model rhino head as a show of commitment to help save nature in their own way.

Hand prints rhino model Family Home Ministries 950x

I guess when the tears of joy and sorrow and for those presenting all well up at the same time, you know they did something very special.

Also, God is often left out of the equation with nature and wildlife.  Even in most churches the creation is reverenced but relating it to today’s realities of exploitation and action is a stretch for most.

Not so for the Family of Hope Ministries in Johannesburg South Africa.  As part of their active Mission Statement they focus on preserving Nature. One of their members accepted a challenge to make a difference for wildlife.  And this is where this touching program was born.

So who are the stars that aligned?

Sheila Upton Bath speaking at Family Home Ministries 950x

Sheila Bath Upton who’s unshakable commitment to saving Rhino created the Dance to be Wild Ambassador group with its’ seminars, travels, and personal commitments to nature and personal growth.

Michal Sheik Family Home Ministries 950x

Michal Sheik the 23 year old Ambassador who accepted the challenge and approached her church with a plan.   Then she made us cry with her exceptional creative, artistic, organizational, and youth motivating talents.

Leon Habana Family Home Ministries 950x

Leon Habana the youth Pastor who saw the vision and was the muscle and love behind the scenes.

Pastor Desmond Family Home Ministries 950x

Pastor Desmond Sheik whose perspective and inspiration lead to the opportunity and much understanding.

Sisters Courtney Habana and Bayden Collopen who crafted the wildlife poem that brought so much life and feeling to the costumes and actions of the 25 youth in the play.

Kids performing Family Hom Ministries 950x

The tiny children looking so much like tiny elephant, cheetah, bee, rhino, monkey bringing the innocence of baby animals to mind with a gurrr and a buzzzz.

Rita Groenewald speaking at Family Home Ministries 950x

Rita Groenewald presented giving her all to change and to wildlife.  She is from Roots & Shoots, a wildlife organization founded for kids by Jane Goodall the famous primate conservationist.

Margrit Harris Family Home Ministries 950x

Margrit Harris gave hope but also showed the needs for all to be involved and love our natural heritage that is Africa. She is the founder of Nikela a Non-Profit for helping people saving wildlife.

What a marvelous time to celebrate nature.

Stars align providing opportunity.  The magic happens when purpose, commitment, and passion combine. Then change follows.

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2 Responses to A Day Of Celebration And Prayer To Save Wildlife

  1. Odele September 14, 2016 at 3:39 am #

    I Odele Obermeyer am proud to be a member of Family Hope Ministries.

    • Wildlife Margrit September 14, 2016 at 12:59 pm #

      As you should be.

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